Welcome To Adventure Algoma App Dev

This litte portal will eventuall host the apps we have created to make our adventures more enjoyable. These apps will be free to download and use and we do not recommend downloading them from anywhere else but here or eventually in the Play Store.

These apps available here will be in their beta stage. If you don't like debugging apps and helping us make them better. Just wait for the release in the Google Play Store.
As for iOS users: Sorry, I don't have the money or the hardware to develop apps for Apple devices but a donations pool for that will be set up and if we reach our goal to get the needed hardware, then I will make sure all the iOS apps we're working on will be updated at the same time as Android apps when new features are available!

*DISCLAIMER*We take no responsibility for the apps working the way intended or any of that other nonsense. What ever you might think happened in your life that was caused by our apps, you had the choice of not using the apps or using the apps and you chose to use them.